Grill Daddy Dirty Killer Grill Brush And Instant Meat Thermometer Set

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Original Grill Daddy with Dirty Grill Killer brush and meat thermometer
Grill Daddy Dirty Killer Grill Brush And Instant Meat Thermometer Set
Grill Daddy Dirty Killer Grill Brush And Instant Meat Thermometer Set
Grill Daddy Dirty Killer Grill Brush And Instant Meat Thermometer Set
Grill Daddy Dirty Killer Grill Brush And Instant Meat Thermometer Set

Do you h̶a̶v̶e hate a dirty grill?

This set pack includes Instant Meat Thermometer to make sure your steak is cooked the way you want it!

Made from durable, high-quality FDA approved materials. Safe to use on steel, iron & porcelain grills. Removable brush head for easy dishwasher cleaning & replacement when needed (replacement brush can be purchased separately if needed). Grill Daddy cleans with the power of steam!

Be the grill master, and clean your grill with the power of steam. The Grill Daddy safety-clean does not need batteries or chemicals to clean the grill. Grill Daddy Original Safety Clean Steam Brush delivers a chemical-free easy clean for any grill type, gas, infrared heat, and charcoal. The Grill Daddy Original Steam Grill Brush cleans with the power of steam. Just preheat the grill and let the steam clean and sterilize the grates as you brush, without dousing the coals. Keep it handy with a built-in hook.

Easy to Use
  1. Simply preheat the grill
  2. With the water valve in the "off" position, fill your Grill Daddy with water
  3. Turn the water valve to "on", and start to brush away caked-on food residue and grease.

The brush releases a measured amount of water as you clean, which turns to steam when it hits the grill and rinses away burnt-on food and dirt. For more steam, loosen the fill cap.

Brush and clean the grill in a cross-wise direction to bust-up and melt-away even the most stubborn, baked-on residue with the power of steam. No more toxic chemicals. No more back-breaking work. The Grill Daddy Steam Brush gives you a sparkling clean grill in minutes. Equipped with a handy hang-hook for convenient storage. Note: After each use empty excess water and leave the on/off valve in the on position.

The steam brush includes an attached Scraper Brush head for tough-duty scrubbing of anything on the grill from ketchup to barbecue sauce. Don't make your family wait for delicious grilled burgers or hot dogs - have a cleaned BBQ or char griller in no time. Use it on brand name grills from Weber, Brinkmann, Master Forge, Kingsford, Blackston, and Char-Broil without worry. The grill steam brush is environmentally safe for peace of mind for your family and environment.

Replaceable Brushes Do All the Work

Choose from five specialty attachments (sold separately), each designed to deliver maximum cleaning power. Grill Daddy brush heads are replaceable and available for corner reach, stubborn spots, and more. They are perfect and safe to clean any size or brand porcelain, steel, iron, or ceramic grill.

Grill Daddy Original Steam Brush is an indispensable grilling tool for anyone who wants to eat grilled food that tastes like today, not yesterday. Makes a great gift - Grill Daddy has a full line of professional tools that make anyone a grill master.

Made to Last.
The Last Brush You'll Ever Need!

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