Father’s Day Gift Guide: Gifts for Dads Who Love the Outdoors

Father’s Day Gift Guide: Gifts for Dads Who Love the Outdoors

Shout out to the great men in our lives and the amazing things they do for us all year long!

Father’s day is just around the corner and we wanted to share with you some of our favorite gift ideas for Dad.  

We  know that the special men in our lives can be hard to shop for so we focused on things that can be really useful and fun especially for dads who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors.

We are sure you will find just the right thing!

Ultimate Grilling Experience

This is great for the dad that loves to camp, fish, backpack or head up the tailgate parties in the fall.

Wherever adventure takes him, he will love having this portable pellet grill to make any experience special.

Traeger Ranger Grill

A Steam-Powered Grill Brush

Gift Dad a Grill Daddy because it’s functional and fun.

Cleaning with the power of steam, Grill Daddy grill brushes are rated #1 for a reason. Dad will thank you after he gets his grill cleaner than ever before thanks to you!

Grill Daddy Grill Brush

Camping Hammock

This is a great option for enjoying the stars while camping or just spending a lazy Sunday afternoon in the backyard.

It comes in a single or double size and is very sturdy and compact. Equipped with tree straps or can be used with a hammock stand.

So cozy, you may just want to grab one for yourself!

Camping Hammock

4 in 1 Emergency Solar Flashlight & Radio

This makes a great gift for any dad as it can be used for camping and hiking trips OR simply having it in your home in case of power outages or emergencies.

This lightweight unit does not require batteries and features an AM/FM weather radio, LED flashlight ,  Alert mode with siren and red light AND a Cell phone/USB charger.

4-in-1 Emergency Solar Flashlight

Outdoor Stainless Steel Cookware

This is the perfect gift for the dad who loves to grill that rainbow trout he just caught or smoke a chicken on a quiet weekend.

This set has everything you need, a grill fry pan, square pan and roaster made from durable stainless steel that will last for many adventures to come.

All-Clad Outdoor Stainless-Steel 3-Piece Cookware Set 

Outdoor Popcorn Popper

We thought this would be just plain fun!  

This heavy duty little gadget makes perfect popcorn over a campfire or grill, what else could Dad possibly need?

Popcorn Popper

Waterproof Gear Bag

For the dad that loves to fish and boat- the perfect solution to keeping his cell phone,wallet, fishing license etc. safe and dry no matter what comes up.

This 100% waterproof bag is designed for use on its own or to attach easily to your belt or other Yeti products like backpacks or coolers.

Check it out!

YETI Sidekick Dry Waterproof Bag

Butcher Box Father’s Day Box

We love Butcher Box and their mission to be a trusted source of high-quality protein for families all across the country.

Their products are 100% grass- fed and grass- finished.  Humanely and pasture raised and no antibiotics or added hormones EVER.

They offer free delivery to your door and right now have a great deal on their Father’s Day Box.  The perfect choice for that dad that loves to grill and deserves only the best!

Butcher Box Father’s Day Box

Campfire Coffee Pot

There is nothing better on a crisp, clear morning than relaxing by a cozy campfire with a good cup of coffee.

Dad will love bringing this durable, stainless steel percolator along on his next camping or fishing trip. 

We love that it is teflon and BPA free, providing a perfect cup of rich, delicious coffee every time.

Campfire Coffee Pot

Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

How often does Dad, or anyone for that matter really clean out their water bottle?

A quick rinse doesn’t really count.

Well LARQ has come up with the first self-cleaning water bottle and purification system.

It uses ProVis technology to eliminate 99.8% of bio-contaminants, including E coli from your water and bottle.  

It will also keep hot water hot for up to 12 hours or cold  water ice cold for 24 hours. 

 Pretty cool huh?

We think this is a winner and Dad will love it! 

LARQ Water Bottle

Do you have other gift suggestions for Father’s Day? We’d love to read your insights in the comments below!