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 Grill Daddy is Born....


The First of it’s kind ! Never before has water been used to create STEAM In a grill brush-Absolutely the best most effective and thorough and safe way to clean a grill !

Inventor, Michael Wales decided he couldn’t

Stand cleaning his grill with the flimsy throw-away grill brushes that were on the market. He was tired of grilling steaks and fish for his family on last weeks charred grates, not to mention how unsanitary and disgusting the grease was.

It came to him one night as he struggled to clean the grill Aha -use steam ! Alas the Grill Daddy was born ! After numerous attempts and prototypes and many months in the shop,Wales was ready to test his prototype. With a cookout underway Wales brought out his baby-The Grill Daddy ! He filled it with water and started to brush the hot grill-up billowed the steam leaving the grill sparkling clean ! No burned on charred mess and no grease -the steam melted the grease leaving the brush clean too-all his guests wanted one- 

Mission Statement

Grill Daddy offers the upgrade to cheap disposable grill cleaning products with luxurious, ergonomic products that perform well, will last for years to come, and will protect you from the searing heat of your grill.  Satisfaction guaranteed!

Why choose Grill Daddy? 

Grill Daddy grill brushes will clean your grill better than any other grill brush -quicker and more easily than other grill brushes on the market using the power of STEAM while also protecting your hand from the grill.  A cleaner grill will make your grilled foods taste better.  Organic - Clean & Green!

Wore out the grill brushes? 

Don’t worry, Grill Daddy grill brushes are dishwasher safe and can easily be replaced with regular or specialty brushes. You can easily order replacement brushes from us.  We recommend that you replace the grill brush head once a year.

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