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Shoddy Product. Shoddier Customer Service.

Used a grill brush that I received as a present a couple years ago (Dec 2020) for the first time in July 2022 (Buy Grill Daddy deleted my original review). Went to fill it up and later leaked immediately from the base. I sent an email to GrillDaddy, received an initial reply, and when I provided an order date / order number, I didn’t receive any replies. I tried following up a couple times to no avail. Was both disappointed that the unit didn’t work as intended and that customer service refused to help explain how to prevent from leaking. Tried again to contact customer service and was told their warranty is for “one year” even though their website proudly proclaims a “lifetime” warranty. Buyer beware.

Original SAFETY-CLEAN™ Replacement Brush - only fits Original

Christmas gift

I have used the regular Grill Daddy for several years. I got this one to give to my brother for Christmas. I think he will find it useful.

Fast and Easy!!!!

Fast and The easiest way to clean your grill after entertaining family and guests!!! Great Product!!

Grill daddy brush

This is the third brush we have bought for the same person. He uses them til they fall apart. He really loves them


Ordered the wrong one sent it back for a replacement... Works great

I’m hoping the “bristle lock” works. The original brushes were leaving bristles on the grill rack. I really like the brush.

I see the improvement

I have used the original grill daddy for the past 10 years. 2 units that I used lasted about 5 years each. The pads were good, but the bristles used to get deformed quickly, although stayed in the brush. The new and improved Grill Daddy has a triangular front end that seems to reach all the front corners. More than that, the bristles seems to be attached firmly and are resisting the deformity that I had noticed in the previous version. This is only 3 weeks use and I hope it continues.

Great grill brush!!

I’ve had my grill daddy platinum brush for about a year and finally used it up so I needed to replace the bristles. I was glad to see the replacement bristles are available and received them very fast. The best part is they come with all the needed wing nut and screws to replace both brush heads! Works like a new brush again! I like being able to use the water to wet the grill grate and clean it very good. The grill bristle replacements are amazing. Highly recommend them to anyone needing a great grill brush for a charcoal grill. I’m sure it will work just as well for a gas grill as well.

Best Brush on the market

It’s the perfect brush to keep your grill clean. Just make sure that your grill is nice & hot first 👍🏻

The one and only….Grill Brush

There is no substitute for the original Brush….Grill Daddy is the one and only really great Brush for your grill needs. Truly an essential tool for any Grill Master

Best BBQ brushes i ever had!!

No doubt! Five stars!

Fantastic BARBQ tool

I was replacing the broken Authentic & Original Grill Daddy one that I had. I love it very much that I won't switch brand.

Great product

Second one I’ve bought. They work amazing GT grates outlasted the structure of my last grill

40% OFF! Authentic & Original Grill Daddy with 'SAFE BRISTLE-LOCK' Made in USA

Replacement BRUSHES

I really like these brushes, they work very well.

Best Grill Brush Ever!

I am still using the original Grill Daddy I bought when they first came out over 10 years ago. Just bought a new one for my son as gift. Made in the USA too. So worth it!

Love my grill daddy

I was so happy to receive my new brush to replace my old one which I had for many years. It is my favorite tool to clean my grill

I have used Grill Daddy for several years and will use nothing else it is excellent

It does the job

I l9ve how hood it cleans my grille