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Great brush, customer service questionable

Love the Grill Daddy brush ! It is pricey, but definitely does a great job !
Customer service is definitely NOT GREAT ! I ordered 2 brushes and was supposed to get free replacement heads, one for each brush. I only got one. No working phone number, so sent an email with my order number and explained what I didn’t get. Have not heard back from them. Love the brush and would also love to get the other free replacement cleaning head as the ad stated !
Hopefully someone can help me with this !

This is 2nd time I have received the wrong items in my order. I am very disgusted with this company and their service. Service is non existence as far as I am concerned.

ZERO customer service

I have been trying for a week now to get a response from customer service. My grill daddy was shipped with the water regulation knob broken off. The knob was not in the box, so I am only to assume it was shipped that way. Regardless, the steam brush is worthless in its condition. Looking for a replacement but can't get any response to numerous efforts on my part to reach out.

Bristle danger

I’ve used the product for several years and been very satisfied. The one concern I have is metal breaking off and getting into food which can be very dangerous. The recent new replacement bristles had several bristles break off or pull out of the head on the first use. Luckily I noticed and was able to remove loose bristles with tweezers but I am now concerned about the safe use of this product if bristles come out so easily. I am not sure I will continue to use the product, which is a bummer since it has been such great grill tool!

Griller's Best Friend!

I recommend the Grill Daddy to all of my friends and coworkers. I can't believe how simple it is and how well it works.

Is the customer always right ??????

Is the customer always right ??????

Better than original.

I have an older Grill Daddy, still works well. At first when I received the replacement brushes, I thought they were the wrong size. They are longer but fit perfectly. It just adds more cleaning surface. Very happy with my purchase.

Love our Grill Daddy best clean possible

Run to get this tool, it makes your BBQ grills shine. Couldn't live without our grill daddy! This company supports their products amazingly well. Shop with confidence

Replacement Brush Cartridges

Was pleased to be able to find the manufacturer offers replacement brush sets for this grill cleaning handle. I really like the handle (had it for a few years now) and have gotten a lot of use out of it. The brushes were ready to be replaced and I didn't want to buy the whole thing new, again. Found Grill Daddy's website and was able to get what I wanted. Happy ending --

Authentic & Original Grill Daddy with 'SAFE BRISTLE-LOCK' - Made in USA - If it's not BLACK, it's not GENUINE.

Your "S" teemed product.

That "S" stands for SUPER. Cleaned my grill effective and speedy with no messy grease spatters on my arms. Glad you manufacture this in the United States. Tell my fellow workers they are doing a great job.

I love my grill brush

This brush is the best grill brush I've ever had. The steam makes it super easy to clean anything off the grates. Sadly, I hit the side of my grill while vigorously using the brush the other day and broke the shut off knob right off shortly after I put the replacement brush on. So, I can't use it with the steam anymore. Still love it though. It works very well.

Essential Tool for Our Grill

We've been using Grill Daddy Pro for many years and it works great! It makes cleaning our grill effortless.

Water Cap / Grand
Michael Domeney
Great customer service

I had an accident with the water cap resulting in the cap falling onto the hot grill and dropping onto the burners. Grill Daddy customer service sent out a replacement cap - which was not listed as an available spare part. Appreciated the service shown. I do hope they start to include this as a part that can be ordered online. I dare say these can get damaged or lost, and I would not expect Grill Daddy to keep replacing as a curtesy.

Amazing Grill Brush

We've been using Grill Daddy Grill Brush for years. Tried similar ones but they are not made as well and fall apart. Decided to try the Platinum one and it is amazing. Stronger and more durable than the regular one. Even the regular one is great but the platinum one supersedes it. Worth the price.

Perfect !!!!

Best of the best !

Almost perfect

Ordered for a friend who always burns his hand while grilling. I have your original set which included the thermometer. Too bad your new design no longer includes that.

Replacing wire brush head

Have used grill daddy for many years. Works great. Rated a 4 because the shipping was so slow

Love Grill Daddy

Best grill brush. Designed for longevity. Perfect fit of replacement heads. Getting more for my Grill Daddy friends!

Authentic Grill Daddy PRO with 'SAFE BRISTLE-LOCK' Made in the USA

Excellent service

Excellent services but expensive if we bought in USA for canadian owner.

Great brush!

Received the wrong item in my shipment. Currently working with customer service to get the correct item. No complaints about the GD brushes, as they are great to easily clean up the grill when I use it.