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Leaked through plastic seam

The brush leaked the first time I put water into it. It leaked through the seam in the plastic.

The replacement brush

The replacement head was so easy to install! Was able to use it quickly

THE Best Grill Tool

I've been using the Grill Daddy Pro for 16 years, maybe 14 years. I still have original cooking grates that came with my professional series outdoor grill. Crank your temp up to hi and brush. I never have to scrub hard. Even better when I need mid-cooking cleaning. Love, love, love this brush!

Original Grill Daddy Replacement Brushes with 'Bristle-Lock' Technology- Brush Dimension: 2.75"W X 2.25"L


Been using GD brushes for years… Glad they’re being sold again, in black so you know it’s not a knock off… The best brush out there, steam cleans…….

grill daddy looks like new

haven't used it yet, but new replacement brush looks great!

Nothing but the best

I've been using these since they first came out and now purchased this version as well for myself & father. I just won't use anything else, these are the perfect BBQ cleaning brush. My only caution to buyers is for those of us who live in Northern Provinces or states, make sure to empty your brush prior to freezing temps or keep them inside during winter BBQ months, I've done this twice and lost 2 brushes because of water freezing and they're no longer sealed, my own darn fault.

Great safe product to clean your grill

Solid, stand up company

I've used GrillDaddy products for several years and recently upgraded to the Pro version. I like the extended handle and ability to use two hands of the Pro model.
The unit I had developed a leak after about 10mth and GrillDaddy were SUPERB to work with. They sent a replacement super quickly and I'm very grateful for that.

Love Grill Daddy and Love the Service!

I am on my 3rd Grill Daddy. The last one I ordered came with a faulty cap, but not only did they send me a new Grill Daddy, but they also sent me spare brushes. The Grill Daddy is amazing. I would never, ever want to use anything else to clean my grill.

My husband loves Grill Daddy!

My husband raves about Grill Daddy and says it’s the only tool he wants to use on the grill!

Grill Daddy Replacement Brush with 'Bristle-Lock' Technology for Grill Daddy Pro or Grand Grill Daddy Platinum - BRUSH DIMENSION: 3.75" W X 3.5"L

great product!

Love how easily this grill brush cleans our grill. I never have to worry about loosing bristles on the grill while cleaning the grates. love this product

Grill Daddy User

The Grill Daddy Brush works great to knock off char before we grill. The combination of water and brushes is exactly what is needed. I wipe the grates with several layers of an oiled paper towel to complete the cleaning process.

Grand grill Platinum

Hi Michael we have receved the package it looks great and the platinum has full five stars !

Great product

I am replacing mine, 6-7 years old. Love this product, cleans the grill like new.

I never received my gift of spare brushes therefore my order is not complete when order is completed l would glad to complete survey I contacted visa to let them know I reached out to your company never heard back before I go on social media to rate your products I would like rectify this issue

Why did I wait so long?

Just replaced the brushes on my Grill daddy and now I remember why I bought it!! If your having problems with water getting out of your clogged brush it is past time to get a replacement brush. I will not make that mistake again!

Best BBQ cleaner ever!

I’ve purchased a few of these over the years and just bought a few for a couple friends for Christmas. Best gift, best bbq cleaner, ever!

Excellent grill brush

This is our second one. The first was a gift from a friend and we keep it at our winter home. I ordered another’s for my husband for Christmas for our summer home we like it that much. It’s the best in the market. It’s strong and sturdy and cleans all the gunk off of the grill grates. Don’t buy a cheap substitute. Get the Grill Daddy only.