How to Deep Clean Your Grill for Spring: 9 Easy Steps

How to Deep Clean Your Grill for Spring: 9 Easy Steps

Excited for grilling season but have a grimy grill on your hands? 

Deep cleaning your grill will ensure that your food tastes like it did when your grill was brand new. It also helps with fire hazards. Not to mention, you just want your grill to look and operate at its best.

It’s not as big of an undertaking as it sounds, so let’s explore what you need to do to prepare your grill for the backyard BBQs that are just around the corner.

Do I Need to Clean My Grill?

You definitely need to clean your grill every Spring and ideally throughout the summer.

After sitting for a few months, your grill likely is dirty and still has remnants of last year’s grilled food stuck to it.

A dirty grill won’t cook your food evenly, it could start a fire, and your food could have a burned taste to it. 

Carbon deposits can build up on your grill and they are both ugly and dangerous. These deposits can hold bacteria and also keep your grill from heating properly. 

First: Get the Right Grill Brush

The right grill brush is just as important as the right grill.

There are plenty of cheap brushes on the market that leave bristles on your grill that can get in your food or they’re simply not sturdy enough.

Grill Daddy’s brushes are voted the #1 grill brushes for a reason. They are durable and clean with the power of steam.

Second: Make a Cleaning Paste

A steam-cleaning grill brush will get most of your grill clean. But sometimes grills are so dirty that you need a cleaning solution along with your grill brush. Don’t feel bad if your grill is disgusting and needs a cleaning paste, we won’t tell anyone!

When it comes to a cleaning solution, you don’t want to use chemicals on your grill as they can end up in your food.

Instead, make a paste out of white vinegar and baking soda. Use this paste on the dirtiest parts of your grill while scrubbing with your grill brush.

Third: Start with the Lid of Your Grill

Simply open the lid of your grill and notice that there are most likely carbon deposits that look like paint does when it flakes.

Using your grill brush (and cleaning paste if it’s super dirty), simply scrub out the lid. Once it’s clean, wipe it dry with a rag. 

Fourth: Remove the Grates

The grates are easy to remove. And there are a few options on how to clean them:

  • If they’re not too bad, put them in the dishwasher
  • If they’re pretty dirty, soak them in a bucket of soapy water for 30 minutes
  • If they’re only mildly dirty, scrub them with your grill brush

Fifth: Clean the Grease Pan

Cleaning the grease pan improves grill functionality and makes food taste better.

For this part of your grill deep cleaning process, simply remove it and scrub it out with your grill brush and quickly rinse in soapy water.

Sixth: Vacuum the Firebox

While the grates are soaking, clean up the firebox. You can do this with a vacuum cleaner. It’s important to get all the debris out of your grill.

Once it is vacuumed, you can even wash it out with a hose. 

Seventh: Shine Your Grill

Your grill is essentially a piece of furniture in your backyard or patio. So, don’t you want it to look sharp?

Simply close the lid, get a great stainless steel cleaner, wipe it down, and polish it up. 

Eighth: Fire Up Your Grill

Once your grill is clean, you need to turn it on and let it burn for at least 10 minutes to ensure it will be ready to safely and deliciously cook your food this Spring and Summer.

Ninth: Season the Grill Grates

The last step of deep cleaning your grill will make your food taste its best throughout the upcoming grilling season and keep your grill clean as you cook.

To season your grill grates, simply wipe them down with vegetable oil. This will keep fat and sauces from sticking to your grill when you create your delicious meals.

Have you deep cleaned your grill yet this season? We’d love to read your grill cleaning tips in the comments below!

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