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Grand Grill Daddy Platinum - 30% OFF! VOTED #1 BEST STEAM GRILL BRUSH!

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  • 17" Long and 3 Pounds -  Aerospace Quality aluminum body with stainless steel bristles- made to clean medium to large-sized grills- weatherized to withstand the elements!  FREE Get-It-Right Thermometer.
  • Steam cleans your grill using the water in the reservoir, which is fed by gravity (no chemicals or batteries needed).
  • Brush bristles are made with rust-proof, industrial quality 304 high yield stainless steel and are 100% safe & securely locked in place.
  • Safe to use on stainless steel, ceramic, and iron grill grates.
  • Removable and replaceable grill brushes.
  • Built to last and looks beautiful for years due to a special surface coating that exceeds the salt-spray test for outdoor fixtures.

Easy to Use

Simply preheat the grill, then with the water valve in the off position, fill your Grand Grill Daddy Platinum with water, turn the water valve on, and start to brush away caked-on food residue and grease. The brush releases a measured amount of water as you clean, which turns to steam when it hits the grill and rinses away burnt-on food and dirt. For more steam, loosen the fill cap. For hard-to-clean areas, flip the brush over to release just the right amount of water from the brawny three-row crud-buster scraper.

Brush and clean the grill in a crosswise direction to bust up and melt away even the most stubborn, baked-on residue with the power of steam.  The Grand Grill Daddy Platinum gives you a sparkling clean grill in minutes. It is equipped with a handy hang-hook for convenient storage.

Note: After each use, empty excess water and leave the on/off valve in the on position.

Lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship under normal use for the body and mechanism. Brushes are recommended to be periodically replaced and should be checked before use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews
Leaks, does not dispense water.

No response in 3 weeks from e mails and phone calls. No way to contact no way to return. Better to buy Weber brush and dip in water.

Blanche Lacroix
Really cleans grill

Nice product. I have one and have purchased two as gifts for family. We all love the way it cleans our grills

George Alameda
Work of art

We really like the Grilldaddy steam cleaning concept. We had an earlier plastic version that has seen a lot of use. We decided to upgrade to the metal version earlier this month. One issue we're having is the water doesn't seem to come out from the wire brush very well. It leaks out the corners instead of dripping from the holes in the brush. I'll need to take the brush off to see what the problem is. George from Southern Oregon

William Lloyd
Comparison to the plastic version

I have used and enjoyed the plastic grill daddy. It was quite effective, but it developed a leak this year. I bought the platinum version expecting that it would be very similar in performance and more durable. It does not clean as well and the hole to fill it with water is much smaller and much less convenient then the original.

Robert Wiersma

I have only used it once and it did what I expected to do. Great product. But for some reason you sent me two and charged me for two. They came about a week apart. So I took the second one back to UPS. I called and emailed and go no response on why the second one was sent. My emails only say one was ordered.