Selecting a Replacement Brush

Wondering which replacement brush head is right for you? Choosing a replacement brush is easy! 

Step 1 - Determine which Grill Daddy brush you own.

Do you own:

  1. The Original Grill Daddy (shop replacement options),
  2. Grill Daddy Pro (shop replacement options) or,
  3. Grand Grill Daddy Platinum (shop replacement options).

Step 2 - Determine which type of brush you're most comfortable using.

Choose from our standard replacement sets or Safety Clean™ replacement sets.

  • Standard replacement sets
    • Grill Daddy standard brush heads exceed the standard required pull test for grill brushes and allow you to fully clean your grill by including two brush types in one.
  • Safety Clean™ replacement sets
    • Safety Clean brush heads far exceed the bristle pull test for safe grill brushes and allow you to easily clean between grates where other grill brushes can't easily get to.