Gift Ideas for People Who Just Love to Grill

Gift Ideas for People Who Just Love to Grill

Summer is right around the corner and that means plenty of opportunities to fire up that grill! Time for family BBQ’s and picnics along with holidays like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.  Yes, ladies are big grillers too these days!  

So, we thought it would be fun to share our favorite gift ideas for people that love to grill.

Grill Smoker Gift Set | Uncommon Goods

Who doesn’t love that sweet and smoky flavor in meats and grilled veggies?  Well check out  This Grill Smoker Gift Set sold on Uncommon Goods. It has everything you need to add the rich flavors of hickory, apple or cherry wood to your food. 

This is a great gift for the griller that hasn’t splurged on a smoker but craves that rich flavor in the meats and veggies. This kit even includes a meat thermometer and hickory smoked sea salt as an added bonus.

The Grand Grill Daddy| Grill Daddy

A clean grill is a happy grill and Grill Daddy’s brushes clean with the power of steam. No chemicals, just water cleans even the dirtiest of grills. The sleek look at feel of The Grand Grill Daddy is a must-need for anyone who grills.

When you gift The Grand Grill Daddy, make sure you also equip them with this detailed post on deep cleaning a grill.

Make Your Own BBQ Sauce Kit |The Grommet

We loved the creativity of this gift.  It has everything you need to make 3 bottles of your own BBQ sauce.  A recipe book is included along with all the ingredients you will need to make your own fresh and flavorful sauces. Feel free to add your own touches and make a unique taste that is all your own!

Personalized BBQ Grill Sign Metal Wall Art Smoker | Etsy

Here is a gift that will really stand out and make your griller proud!  These personalized  signs are handmade with 14 gauge American steel and powder coating. Check out the link and create your own special sign.

Jalapeno Popper Stainless Steel Grill Rack| Ad Metal Arts

This will help your griller turn up the heat at their next BBQ!  Jalapeno poppers are much healthier and tastier when you make them yourself on the grill.  These stackable, stainless steel racks are great for making the perfect popper ensuring even heating and no sticking to the grill.  

We especially loved it to make bacon wrapped poppers, oh so good!

Beer Can Chicken Holder Stainless Steel Roaster Rack| Amazon

This is always a great way to grill a whole chicken and with the handy stainless steel drip pan you can even throw some veggies in the bottom.

100% stainless steel, dishwasher safe which has a convenient canister  that can be used for beer, wine, cider or any creative mix  your griller might come up with. A gift they will be sure to love!

4-in-1 Outdoor BBQ Basket with Chicken Wing Rack | Ashley Furniture

We love the versatility of this 4 in 1 BBQ basket! The stainless steel basket can be used for briskets, roasts etc while grilling chicken legs at the same time.  Or, use it as a rib rack to grill up to 6 ribs at a time.  It also has a detachable can that can be added to the basket for grilling a whole beer can chicken.

This would make a great gift for people that don’t want or need a lot of accessories.

Honey For The Grill |Savannah Bee Company

Ok, this was our personal favorite as they have delicious products while giving back.  This company founded The Bee  Cause Project back in 2013 to “educate the next generation with opportunities to understand, engage and learn from honey bees in order to connect with the natural environment.” To date the project has provided hives to 330 schools in 50 states and 4 countries worldwide.

All of that and they came up with a product that is robust enough for grilling!  Mix with some of your own ingredients and/or try some of their different flavors like Hot Honey or Acacia Honey. Truly a great gift for any griller!

ThermoPop Digital Pocket Thermometer |ThermoWorks

Every griller needs a good meat thermometer from ThermoWorks is a perfect gift.It gives fast readings (within 3 to 4 seconds) and is durable and splash proof.  It  is easy to use with its large rotating display with backlighting.

Check out their “Thermo Blog”  where they have tons of information about proper cooking temps, food safety and more.

Bacon Holders| Etsy

Ok, who doesn’t love bacon on………….EVERYTHING!  Wrapped around jalapeno poppers, chicken breasts, steaks or corn on the cob.  These little “bacon pinz” make it happen.

They are handmade stainless steel, easy to use and easy to clean.  The perfect gift for the avid griller with a creative flair!

Love is Love Variety Pack - 6 Mini Rub Jars |Spiceology

We love finding and supporting companies that give back and Spiceology is one of them.  This chef owned company not only focuses on bringing  you the freshest ingredients for the spices, ground in small batches and shipped directly to you. They also donate 10% of all proceeds to food banks and pantries around the country.  We call that “Inspired Giving”.

This is a great gift for the seasoned griller or the newbie as the unique flavors will turn anyone into a world class grill master.  Check out the variety pack featuring flavors like Purple Haze, Raspberry Chipotle and Greek Freak.  Maybe even grab a set for yourself!

Do you have a gift idea for people who love grilling? We’d love to read all about your ideas in the comments below!